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  • Dear Sir, thank you for info regarding local agent for De-carbonizing car engine, contacted Spanners of Coleshill and had my car done yesterday 09-05-12, took approx 40 mins just plug and play on my Audi (thought full those Germans) reading before:- CO .010, HC 65, Lambda 1.015, After CO .003, HC 0.0, Lambda 1.000, Tech said cant get better than those readings, car does seem more responsive pulls better altho never really sluggish, just nice to know inside is as clean as can be well pleased nice one Edd China

    Mr Ian C - Birmingham
  • Guys i just wanted to say thanks. Had my BMW TerraCleaned by your guy Chris at Tuna Garage near Nottingham, nice guy, nice place, and what a great result. Genuinely i did this off the back of the Ed China thing but had read a few in some BMW forums and wasn't sure good it would be. My 6 year old is running like new, in fact like new with an upgrade! Ha

    Barry - Leicester
  • I am very careful about what i have done to my Lexus. I have had pour in products in the past and never really noticed the difference. I have always thought these things had a placebo effect. I must admit that i am very impressed with your product. My readings were not bad before the service, would have passed an MOT, after the service both the CO and HC were well down, that's by the by for me anyway, what i am really pleased about is the way it how drives, the car is 12 years old and always been a decent runner since i got it 4 years ago but now it is so much better, smoother, more responsive. Anyway Thank You

    Derek M - Essex
  • Peugeot 307 HDI

    Terraclean, The Miracle Worker.

    My Peugeot 307 HDI was dying and a friend told me to give Clive Jones a call for a de-carbonising treatment. I phoned Clive who arranged to visit me the next day at my work address. That night while driving home a pipe burst relesing air from a pressure sensor and the car would not drive at more than 15mph. I phoned Clive again and explained what had happened and he said he would make a few phone calls to see if Terraclean could still work with the poor state of the engine.

    When Clive rang back he said he couldn't guarantee that the system would be able to run properly but it would obviously help to clean the other parts providing the engine was running. He said it was up to me if I wanted to give it a go.I could not drive the car so thought I would give it a try and Clive re-arranged to come to my home that morning. I really was sceptical and nearly phoned to cancel when I was told by a local mechanic the DPF was blocked and it would cost me about £250 to have it cleaned or £600 to replace it.

    When Clive linked his system up to my car it was not running well and I felt this was going to be a total waste of time. After 5 minutes there was a noteable difference in the sound of the engine and then smoke started appearing from the exhaust and over the next hour everything just got better and better even the hissing from the pressure valve stopped. Clive found the pipe that had split just a small tube that I replaced later.

    The car then turned off the pollution warning light and the engine management light and now runs like a new car.

    The difference before and after is amazing I am sure economy and emissions will be better but all I am interested in is my car now runs beautiffully and I strongly recommened you have this treatment asap if you drive a diesel car. It can certainly cure problems but why wait prevent the problems now.

    My problems before Terraclean were:

    Engine management light on.
    Limp mode running, would not rev above 3000rpm.
    No pressure through exhaust.
    Blocked DPF.
    Pollution warning light on.
    Poor starting.
    Exhaust fumes in car.

    After Terraclean.

    Engine smooth and running perfectly since treatment with no warning lights. All Perfect and a very happy customer who who is delighted to recommend this product, Thanks Clive and Terraclean.
  • 1994 Vauxhall Cavalier

    Thought people might be interested... My car was booked in for an MOT and TerraClean with F1 Autocentre Baslidon today. Not a Ferrari by any means, but my 1994 Cavalier with 85,000 miles on the clock gets me to the station and back.

    Before the test the results were as follows, CO Max 0.30% my car 1.33% FAIL HC Max 200ppm my car 998ppm FAIL Lambda 0.97-1.03 my car 0.94 FAIL

    After the test

    CO Max 0.30% my car 0.01% PASS HC Max 200ppm my car 8ppm PASS Lambda 0.97-1.03 my car 1.01 PASS

    Apparently the garage has only done 7 of the TerraClean procedures but each time with these outstanding results. Well worth the money and I would recommend this to anyone...

    Stewart - Facebook Comment
  • BMW X5

    TerraClean is a revolutionery service that 'decokes' your engine in less than an hour, claiming to restore lost power, improve MPG and reduce emissions. Steve Hole volunteered his BMW X5 3-litre to put these claims to the test, to see the full article please click here

    Exert from Car Mechanics
  • Volvo Excerpt

    The letter in the following link is a letter of thanks from a Volvo dealership in Canada to the manufacturers of TerraClean products click here
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    In Canada even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police love TerraClean. Read the letter from one of their from one of their garages click here
  • Detailing World Forum

    Please follow the link below to see what a customer in Milton Keynes thinks about the product which he has had on his 1994 Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo click here
  • Audi S4 V8

    Just to let you know that after the clean at monster sport Europe the car feels alot more responsive in acceleration in every gear also the car feels very smooth MPG has gone up from 21mpg to 26mpg for the same trip.

    I am very pleased with the results.

    Jonathan - Milton Keynes
  • Excerpt From VPC UK Forums

    Just a quick thanks for the Terraclean service this morning, as promised a link to my review, hope it's ok and brings you extra work, look forward to seeing you again soon

    Please click here & here for the full reviews

    Graham - Volvo V70
  • 2.7 Jaguar Diesel

    Hi. just had my 2.7 jaguar diesel terracleaned today at dunmow motor services. wow what a product and what service given by the garage. fantastic. Ive now recommended this service and this garage to the members on the jaguarforums.co.uk so yourselves and that garage can expect a significant amount of repeat business. many thanks again.

    Brian - JaguarForums.co.uk
  • TerraClean - Texas

    Ever wanted to see some before and after Dyno test results for TerraClean?

    Well follow this link to see some results from a long term TerraCleaner based in Texas
  • Excerpt from a letter received below, you can view the full testimonial by clicking on the image.

    After approximately 1hour of the engine being coupled to your hi tech machine I was let loose in my own vehicle to see if there was any noticeable difference, the results were staggering! There were marked improvements in throttle response, engine note, driveability, and more importantly MPG! click here

    R.T. Forsyth
  • 1996 E36 M3 Evolution

    Well my thoughts after just having the dual product system (x2 can on each) applied to my 1996 E36 M3 Evolution which has now covered 220,000 miles. First initial response is that the engine idle has improved noticeably. In addition the throttle response is also further enhanced. The drive itself... the engine feels (bum on seat) again noticeably smoother throughout the rev range and the top end power seems to have increased. There is a very noticeable overall improvement on the running of the engine itself and although I have only covered 20 miles since the treatment it really has worked wonders for my ageing engine.

    For a full detailed report please click here

    Stuart - Stansted
  • 2002 BMW 330 petrol E46 Convertible

    1 word, Thanks. i went to Washington auto Electrics today for the TerraClean system, and was very happy with the results. Tom from WAE after an initial telephone discussion had kindly arranged for a local MOT centre to do a before and after comparison. The results are in my view amazing, over a 50% reduction in HCC ppm, it was a very low 27 before, now down to a 12 CO% was slightly higher, but Tom explained this is possible due to the cleaning agent still in the Cat, was 0.009%, went to a 0.076% still well within tolerance though. To see the full report click here

    Siffion - Hartlepool
  • Mercedes CLK

    I went to Dunmow Services Ltd today and had the Terraclean done on my Mercedes CLK. I was very impressed with the guys there, they were very helpful and knowledgeable and I cannot recommend them enough.

    As for the Terraclean, it has made a massive difference to the performance of my CLK and I am very pleased. Many thanks for putting me on to Dunmow Services Ltd, and could you please pass on my thanks for their A class service.

    Richard Granger - Essex
  • Vauxhall Zafira

    I have owned my Zafira for around 12 months now and had all the usual problems. Recently the idle has been a bit erratic, the car would sometimes stall when stopping at junctions and under hard acceleration I had some smoke coming from the exhaust.

    But after TerraClean...

    To see the full review click here
    Kravo369 - Member of z22se.co.uk
  • TerraClean BMW X3

    Had a treatment on my BMW X3 yesterday at Autopoint, Duke St, Rochdale..... £108. My average mpg has risen to 57.3mpg.... unbelievable, highly recommended.

    Jane - Facebook Comment
  • BMW 530D 2002

    All I can say is I didn't think my diesel could run any better/ cleaner than it did, I was skeptical to say the least but after the terraclean diesel procedure undertaken at Atherton car safety centre ltd the word I would use is refreshed. The car feels as i would imagine it felt when it was new 10 years ago, smoother, more responsive and I'm getting 3 to 4 mpg more than before. Highly recommended.

    Craig - Greater Manchester
  • 04 Astra 1400

    I had my car de-carbonised by TerraClean I have an 04 astra 1400 and I was a little sceptical but I am getting at least 40 mile to the tank extra and the performance is as it was 5 years ago so I would highly recommend it I took my car to Clive Jones in whitchurch shropshire. Very friendly service and i would highly recommend it.

    Sash - Shropshire
  • BMW 525

    Had my BMW 525 diesel done with 148,000 miles on the clock. It feels like it has had a new lease of life - love it!! Thanks guys!!

    Tag - Facebook Comment
  • 2.2 Jaguar X-Type

    150 miles after having my 2.2 diesel Jaguar X type terracleaned and the results are good, pick up, responsiveness and performance are much improved, best of all though, the economy has improved from averaging 35mpg to 42mpg even with me taking advantage of the extra power.

    Martin - Facebook Comment
  • Various Feedback

    Follow this link to see various feedback left by the happy customers of Greenlanes Garage

    Greenlanes Garage - Barnstaple
  • Mazda MX5

    Having watched Edd China on Wheeler Dealers TerraClean a Jaguar I contacted the company to see if they had an agent in Norwich area. For the full article click here

    Kev - Norwich
  • Testimonial Given to Jags at Performance Tuning UK

    Thanks Jags - I think it feels good already, and am looking forward to seeing more from it.

    Pick up when accelerating hard is now even better than before - and that's also having had the re-mapping, so surprising it is noticeable as it is. (You would expect less of an overall improvement from this process over and above chipping. If the re-map hadn't been done, I suspect there would be an even greater change?)

    Less smoking on hard acceleration too.

    So, all in all the first impressions have continued, and about to drive to Devon so will see how we go after that too!

    Follow up from previous email

    Anyway - after more recent long journey - 44.0 MPG (from 41.4) - and that's mixed driving - Less lumpy using Esso fuel - I had no idea it could make any difference! - Definitely quieter - feels like a real limo at 85 on the motorway - I now want to keep the car for another year or more! So - success.

    Phillip Hawthorn - Slough
  • 2007 mk 2 Audi TT V6

    Well, bit the bullet and gave this a go and got my 2007 mk 2 Audi TT V6 with 80,000 on the clock done by Phil at Xavier Auto Clinic in Hammersmith. Ttook about an hour.

    Can honestly say this is a lot more than an "Italian" tune up (which I've tried). Have always found that a blast up the motorway made the car sweeter for a few days but with a lot of central London commuting the benefits wore off pretty quickly.

    Not so with TerraClean. Car is totally transformed. It suffered a bit when cold with being unresponsive and sluggish particularly at slow speed and the pick up was poor and sometimes jerky on the S-tronic box. That has all gone. The power delivery is so much tighter, the pick up (even when cold) is phenomenal. Not having driven another V6 I always thought the engine was pretty smooth but it is so much better now, it just purrs like a cat! Entirely up to you but I think this is probably the best money I've spent on the car. The way I would describe the change is with hindsight, the car always felt before it was running on a richer mix than necessary and that it was trying to compensate because of the carbon build up and now that it's cleaned out it can run more efficiently- just my personal opinion, but that's what it feels like to me.

    The only problem now is I'm in danger of getting a shed load of points on my license because it accelerates so much more quickly!

    While I was there there was a 2003 Golf R32 that had failed its MOT for emissions and it sounded rough as f***. After the treatment it passed hands down and actually sounded sweet as a nut.

    PS can't comment yet on MPG and probably won't be able to as spend so much time sitting in traffic but worth it for the driving benefits alone.

    Not on commission or any incentives -hadn't been to Xavier Auto Clinic before and probably won't again as they're a bit far from me (although they were excellent) -just thought I'd share a totally independent review of my experience on the treatment with you all.

    Simon - London
  • Another Happy Customer

    Car now done. The workshop was excellent. Compliments to Nicky at the garage (Monster Sport Europe) who took his time to show me the equipment and explain the treatment. He wasnt pushy no sales talk and was very pleasant. Knew his stuff and was very confident that Terraclean works.

    As to the car. I noticed straight away it settled to idle better and quicker. The car I dont feel is any quicker but even though it was smooth before it nows purrs. The fuel consumption on the computer was 11.2l per 100km and after driving normally it is down to 10.5l. So a worthwhile result I would say.

    I have a number of friends so will pass on my positive time with Monster Sport and Terraclean. Tomorrow the car is having work done at my preffered garage so will speak there too.

    In the week I drive European wide transport for Continental Express in Waltham Abbey with a HGV. So will speak to the fleet manager in passing as I know they are looking at reducing fuel consumption

    Martin - Milton Keynes
  • 2004 Peugeot 206 GTi

    Salisbury garage Hull are very pleased with their 1st ever TerraClean. They serviced Mr Berrows 2004 Peugeot 206 GTi. He stated that it "always ran and sounded lumpy". Mr Berrow and David of Salisbury garage are very happy with the outcome.

    I have used Salisbury Garage for many years because their work is always excellent. I am delighted to have tried their new TerraClean Decarbonising service. My car has had a very good reduction in emissions and the performance has been greatly enhanced. Well done for introducing this new technology to this area.

    Mr Berrow - Hull
  • Picasso 1.6 HDi

    We have just had our Picasso 1.6 HDi TerraCleaned at Swale MOT Centre, just over in Sittingbourne, Kent. Fantastic service there and thanks to the TC, the car passed the MOT as the emissions were too high before. Was registering 3.6 before TC and 0.7 after. Less smoke, bit more power (it is only a 1.6 diesel!!) and a distinct improvement. Brilliant garage, great service and happy with results. Nice to see TerraClean are picking quality garages to promote their product!

    Richard - Facebook Comment
  • BMW 325 CI

    Had a demo today on my bmw 325 ci allready seen a 4mpg improvement car showing 29.6 to the gallon on a local run the best ive had on a run at a constant 70mph was 28 mpg and 25mpg on local runs .Also demo on fiesta 1.4 tdci with 165,000 on the clock havent checked the fuel economy yet but a big improvement on engine performance and engine sounds a lot quiter .Well imprest ordered petrol and diesel machines today. S and T Tyres Pencoed, South Wales

    Rhys Vowles - Facebook Comment, Soon to be a TerraClean Operator
  • Vectra 1.9 Cdti

    58 reg Vectra 1.9 Cdti (150) 90k miles. Got Scott Berry at Warpspeed Performance - Unit 5 Paddockholm North Ind Est, KA25 7JW Kilbirnie to Terraclean my car about 2 weeks ago. on average I used to get 550 miles from a tank combined, trip computer showed 47.9 miles to the gallon. Since Terraclean I have used 2 tanks got 630 miles roughly out of them both! and the trip computer has not been below 50mpg no matter city or motorway... Apart from the saving the car feels like it did when I got it at 12k miles. Smooth and quiet, Not a wonder cure just does what it says on the tin! Like tunes... your engine will be able to breathe more easily!!! Not messing around... seriously go and get it done, will save you money and your car will feel better.

    Mark - Facebook Comment
  • Honda Civic Type R

    Hi Darrell, had a demo on a Civic Type R recently and have never seen anything that does "just what it says on the tin" so well, superb!!!

    Chris - Facebook Comment
  • Jaguar X-Type 2.0d SE

    I just wanted to let you know that I had my Jaguar x type 2.0d SE treated yesterday by Xavier Autos and I have to say I am amazed, the car is like a different car! It is significantly quieter, the diesel 'rattle' has all but gone, it starts easily, ticks over beautifully and runs more smoothly. The performance is noticeably better, definitely much pokier. I hope the MPG improvement is as positive.

    Xavier Autos were a pleasure to deal with, you have a good agent there! I think I will make this an annual job as part of the servicing routine.

    Richard - London
  • Rover 75 2.5 V6

    Thanks for posting the link, I had this carried out a few weeks back and found it hard to describe the process to other people. Please click here

    Kandyman - 75ZT Community
  • Ford Mondeo

    Yes all done and very much enjoyed the drive home. The car drives so smoothly now and definitely has a improved throttle response. At motorway speeds in 5th gear it pulls better than ever, and when you take your foot off the throttle instead of the revs dropping back quickly it smoothly and gradually decreases. Acceleration is much smoother too. I work in the motor trade and would reccomend Terraclean and Dunmow Motor Services to anyone in Essex. Very nice garage to deal with. Thanks Terraclean. Really impressed. I will be reccomending this. F.Y.I....I saw it on wheeler dealers and then found the dealer through this fb page

    Aaron - Essex
  • 3.0 V6 Mondeo ST220

    Just finished having it done, & very happy to report back that the car, a 3.0 V6 Mondeo ST220, feels silky smooth to drive, is quieter & feels a lot more responsive!! Great bunch of lads down @ T J Services too :)

    John - Facebook Comment
  • Jaguar x type 2.0d

    I first read about the Terraclean process in another post on this forum (thanks to member 37357) and thought it sounded worth trying. So today I took my x type 2.0d SE to the nearest Terraclean agent (west London) and waited an hour while they hooked the car up to the machine and left it to do its thing. To see Rick's full testimonial please click here

    Rick - London
  • TerraClean Dealer Experiences

    Check out the feedback which one individual TerraClean operator has received on his own Facebook page about TerraClean. Whatever the facilities of the dealer the TerraClean service is a constant using the same machines and consumables which we distribute throughout Europe.

    To see the FaceBook page please click here
  • XC90 185 Sport

    Just come back from Monster-sport your dealer based in Milton Keynes. have to say great experiance due to Nicky and his staff. My XC90 185 sport D5 has come away with improved throttle responce and pulls harder and so far after a blast both calm and going for it have seen average mpg go up from 23mpg to 27mpg around town.Will be doing a long run to Devon soon so will let you know on a long journey how it performs as it 35mpg+ before. Cannot speek highley enough of Nicky and his business

    Fabian - Facebook Comment
  • 1998 Ford Escort

    Just had my '98 escort 1.6 petrol terracleaned in Bristol, and was surprised when putting in postcode that it was someones house! But the guy had all the equipemnt in his van, I guess so he could be mobile, and seemed to know his stuff. Before he started he had quick look at engine, make sure things in order, then simply connected up fuel feed,air compressor and power from car battery. He did have a laptop, dunno if that was conected up to car, but after few checks, got thing working and it only took about 30mins. Once it was done he reconnected fuel line and started car again and first thing I noticed was how quiet it was at idle, also the idle speed seemed more stable, driving back on m4 I noticed car would accelerate more easily going up hills in 5th than before. later in the evening I put full tank of petrol in and headed back to Bristol to see friends. I had done 40miles and the needle on fuel guage barely moved. However on way back, maybe cos it was late and I wanted to check out performance I did use bit more fuel, but on the whole I'm very impressed, day to day driving I'll definately notice an improvement in fuel economy, I'll probably recoup the cost within 2 months. GET IT DONE! Thats all I've got to say!

    Phill - Facebook Comment
  • Toyota Yaris

    Got my '00 Yaris petrol done this morning here in Ireland. Seeing as the car has near 132K miles on the clock I tought I'd give it a go, Graham & Eugene were a pleasure to deal with right from booking an appointment to getting my car done. With regards to the Terraclean service itself, straight away I noticed the difference after it was done, before this I had an erratic idle issue, that's gone and idle is now stable. The engine itself is now quieter, acceleration is more responsive, car has more power (this is especially noticeable in 5th gear). I'll keep an eye on it now over the next few days to see what difference this has made to my MPG and will keep you posted on that. So far though I'm very happy with the results and for the price you can't go wrong. To anyone thinking about getting it done I say go for it, you won't be disappointed.

    Jonathan - Facebook Comment
  • Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Titanium

    In June 2012 my wife bought a '10' reg Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Titanium, which had 2,700 miles on the clock. The average mpg was around 59. However, by November the mpg had dropped to around 49 and there was very pronounced hesitation when changing from 1st to 2nd gear. The car was also getting sluggish. I contacted my local garage - A & D motors of Foxhall, Ipswich, to arrange a service and was told that they were agents for TerraClean. I had not heard of this before, but it was explained to me that this treatment was designed to deal with the very problems that we were experiencing, by cleaning the particulate filter. I later went to the TerraClean site on the web and found that this appeared to do exactly what we wanted. On 7th December the car went in to A & D for a full service and TerraClean. Mileage was 7,923.

    Since then we have road tested the car in varied conditions of urban and motorway driving. The hesitation between 1st and 2nd has virtually disappeared and average mpg had risen to 54 for urban driving and 62.2 for motorway ! An added bonus is that the car seems to have considerably more power, especially when pulling away from stop. There can be little doubt that TerraClean has done what it says it will do and you cannot get better than that. Well done TerraClean and A & D!

    Bruce - Ipswich
  • Another Happy Customer

    Dunmow Motor Services was a very impressive operation... the place was spotless. Car took in total an hour and a half, and upon driving home...WOW! Throttle response is now superb, I had a bit of a hesitant flat spot between 2500 and 3500 rpm before..thats been cured. The car is quieter, smoother, certainly feeling more powerful now.

    It possibly sounds like a cliche saying now, but it really does feel like a different car...this is the best £82 I've ever spent, it's equal equal to around ten bottles of redex...which you never feel any benefit from...this terraclean treatment feels like bloody good value for money in comparison, as the effects are immediately felt (they were in my car anyway!)

    Ok...ill point out that I'm in no way affiliated with terraclean.....but I feel I must recommend this treatment to all. FANTASTIC....I love my car all over again now!

    Steve - Facebook Comment 30-09-2012
  • Renault Megane 1.5

    I had my Renault Megane 1.5 Diesel put on the diesel Terraclean..wow is all I can say, my car has done over 169000 miles and is running a lot quieter and I am now averaging at 64.6 mpg just on local runs..I had my car done at C L Auto Services, Slough Farm Lane. Acton. Sudbury CO10 0BN. 01787 248488 or check their website..excellent service really friendly & had a coffee while I waited..they also offer all your other motoring needs as well..highly recommended, will being taking my car there again.

    Jacqui - Facebook Comment
  • Marcos Mantis - 4.6 Mustang

    Follow this link here to a recent forum thread of people talking about the TerraClean service.
  • Mitsubishi Shogun Animal 3.5

    I had a terraclean carried out by A&D Motors, Ipswich, on my Mitsubishi shogun animal 3.5L petrol, afterwards I noticed a marked improvement on responsiveness, smooth running and fuel economy, it was averaging 18.9 MPG before and now averaging 21.4 MPG and rising! Whilst carrying out the service the garage also did a health check of my vehicle finding what has been troublesome weep on a heater hose and fixed it free of charge! I couldn't be happier with the service and product I got.

    Aston - Ipswich
  • Irish TerraClean Motorist

    Just under an hour for my car to get done. To be honest with you these types of things I would be wary about, "Magic cures" if you will that seem too good to be true and they usually are, my brother is a mechanic and even he was skeptical about it but this does exactly what is says it does... To see the full forum post please click here

    Hellboy99 - Ireland
  • 3 Cars Done at MGF Centre

    I took both my Mini Cooper & BMW Z3 to MGF Centre in Wolverhampton. The owner Bill & Carl were very knowledgeable a real pleasure to deal with. Both engines are smoother & quieter as well as showing a 20% improvement in fuel consumption. Definitely my best investment in 2012, so happy with the results on the Mini Cooper that whilst having the BMW Z3 done I convinced the gentleman sitting with me to get his car done too. I have since had my sons BMW M3 TerraCleaned which is also showing very promising results. In future I will be having the treatment annually.

    Well done and thanks very much to MGF Centre, I'm one very satisfied customer.

    Steve - Wolverhampton
  • Audi Q7 3.0 Tdi

    Just had my audi q7 3.0 tdi to the Washington branch and can not believe the results, low down power has increased by a considerable amount and and the engine on idle is so quiet an seems a lot smoother. Just done a 40 mile run and mpg has gone up by 4 mpg which in a big at like this is brilliant!! Highly recommend this engine treatment!!.

  • BMW X3 Owner

    We had our X3 in for a TerreClean at Duke Street Autopoint on Friday. Ady was very helpful and informative about the process. On Saturday morning i filled it up with Shell V Power diesel and on a family visit drove from Ramsbottom to Hull and, according to the on board trip computer, achieved a staggering 52.3 mpg, way over what we have achieved in the past also the engine sounds remarkably quieter.

    Admitted the M62 section from the A1 at Ferrybridge to Hull is totally flat and mainly straight with very litle traffic. We had the cruise control set at 65 and it certainly is a vast unbelievable improvement on my fuel consumption. Very impressed.

    Paul - Ramsbottom
  • Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi

    Just had my 57 plate Fiesta 1.4 TDCi done @ Baildon Service Centre by Craig Pennington. Top guy, explained everything, had a chat about the benifits of the treatment, how it was discovered etc... I will definately take the wife's car in in the new year. I can already feel the better throttle response and the idle has stopped hunting. The amount of carbon build up was very noticable during the treatment as there was a lot of s*@t coming out of the exhaust (I think the cloud may have dispersed now! I left @ 11?). Not sure about the MPG as the jouney home was stop - start most of the time. Jouney down to sunny Oxfordshire on Saturday! I'll let you know about the MPG then. Would highly recommend giving your car the Terraclean treatment.

    Robert Cockburn - Facebook Comment
  • Volvo D5

    Mate of mine had his 200k Volvo d5 terracleaned last month. If tells me it has smoothed his engine massively. Doesn't notice and extra power from it, hasn't covered enough milage since to comment on economy improvement either.

    Stuart - Facebook Comment
  • Total BMW Magazine

    Total BMW magazine recently reviewed TerraClean on one of their own cars. If you drive a BMW or are simply considering TerraClean for your "pride and joy", this is a must read article. Follow this link to see the full article.
  • BMW 325i

    Andy came to do my 325i yesterday firstly he is a great bloke with plenty of automotive knowledge, the car was doing low 20's to the gallon before and the engine had a flat spot at low revs, after 45 minutes the car drives like new, smooth acceleration, and returned me 32 to the gallon on a short trip from Kirkby to princess drive avoiding the motorway. Absolutely amazing results, for a car with 117600 miles on it feels like a new car!! Cheers Andy keep up the great work!!

    Paul - Facebook Comment
  • BMW 520

    Great stuff had my 2002 BMW 520 done yesterday and she runs much smoother with a better pick up and throttle response too. Well done Terraclean. Phil and his crew at Xavier Auto where extremely nice and helpful too. Good one guys.

    Akin - Facebook Comment
  • Volvo 480

    I'd be interested but I've already had my Volvo 480 done and couldn't be happier. It's made a great car even better.

    Graham - Facebook Comment
  • Saab 1.9 Northumberland

    Follow this link here to a recent forum thread of people talking about the TerraClean service.
  • BMW X5

    Hi I have just had my BMW X5 TerraCleaned off new delaval car sales Blyth wow what a great job they have done and a great bunch of lads it's made a massive difference to my car well done lads will defiantly use again.

    Scott - Facebook Comment
  • Audi 3.2 v6

    I have just had my wife's Audi 3.2 v6 done it has done 54k this has definitely improved the performance and the mpg has increased by at least 7 miles per gallon, the main reason we had this done was to increase the performance and it has certainly done that a brilliant product and well worth the cost, the dealer used is in Market Lavington great guy to deal with I have already passed his number on to two people.

    Gareth - Facebook Comment
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8

    Hello all at Terraclean, I've just had my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8 Terracleaned at T.J. Services in Fleet Hampshire, who were very helpful and enthusiastic for the terraclean service. I, probably like a lot of people was a little sceptical but what a difference. The car has done 85000 miles and only doing about 16 MPG its now doing approx 18.5 MPG and even better approx 22 MPG on a run. I think it woul do more but i was getting a bit enthusiastic with it, Its more responsive and doing approx 300 rpm less than it was at 70 MPH I'm really pleased and will have this done yearly

    Paul - Hampshire
  • Message Received From David Harlass - An American TerraClean Distributor

    Go Terraclean! I am truly excited to see your successes in the UK. We have not, as a whole, gotten the goodness of TerraClean out to the world. We have about 50 units out in the North Texas area over the last few years. I believe we have had 20,000 services here in the area over 5 years. I have acquired some new partners to really help spread Terraclean faster and throughout a much larger area.

    In my first year I recreated the tests shown on Dream Car Garage in the US. I rented a dyno machine, and a rep for the manufacturer, to run tests on a few vehicles. If these results are of interest to you I would be more than happy to send them to you.

    Please contact me at any time as I love talking about the goodness of TerraClean. We hope to have some Dyno results in the near future

    David - We hope to have some Dyno results in the near future
  • Motor Homes

    TerraClean can greatly improve costs for Motorhome Owners. There is a significant improvement in poerformance & MPG on the Talbot Express Rambler.

    This Process has been verified when a Ford Transit based Motorhome was TerraCleaned by Motor Caravanning Matters, to see the magazine article please click here
  • Peugeot 207sw

    We had our 5 year old peugeot 207sw terracleaned on Sunday. Our car had never been serviced and had warning lights " faulty anti pollution" and engine management lights lit up on the dash. The car had 64000 on the clock and was running in limp mode, we were unable to go above 3000 revs without the car cutting out, the fastest it had gone was 50mph in the last month, we went to New Delaval car sales blyth for a terraclean, the lads were super helpful and changed our fuel filter while the car was there. One terraclean later my husband tells me the car feels like new, it is easily maintaining speeds of 70+ (officer) in fairness its like a bullet! all of the engine managements lights are off and the car, which is diesel, has done nearly 300 miles on 20 quid! Yey Terraclean I will be booking our other car in very soon. Thanks again

    Sarah - Facebook Comment
  • Seat Leon FR 1.9 TDI

    I just wanted to let you know that the TerraClean is a must for all cars in my opinion. I had my car TerraCleaned by Xavier Auto Clinic in Hammersmith & I have certainly noticed a difference in the whole car. When the chaps set the Terraclean machine up on my car (Seat Leon FR 1.9 TDI) I was very interested if not a bit dubious on the claims of what it can/did do to a cars performance etc. Well there was no need to be, 15mins into the process & after a lot of grey/black smoke bellowing from my exhaust I noticed that someone had put ear muffs over my ears!! Well in fact that didn't happen, what actually happened was the noise level coming from my engine actually dropped!

    After 20mins the machine sounded an alarm & a chap came along & put the machine to "Soak Mode" which took about 15mins. Then once the alarm had sounded again the same chap came along & again gave my engine the "Terraclean" treatment. This lasted around another 10-20mins. After all this had been done the mechanic & myself took my car for a spin. Like I said the first noticeable thing was the engine was quieter, then the top prize came along.

    When pressing the accelerator I normally got a puff/ploom of smoke, not anymore, there was nothing there, totally clear. Also the car going through the gear changes was smoother. Another plus point to the car is that the car is more responsive. I didn't notice that immediately but after driving for a week I've definitely noticed it. All in all I'm very impressed with the Terraclean treatment that Xavier Auto Clinic carried out.

    I work with around 500 men at my workplace & I've put the brochures that I was given by Xavier Auto Clinic gave me up on the notice board & I've been inundated with questions & wanting to know where they can get it done. I know of 2 people that were waiting on a phone call from myself on how it all went & how good or not it is. They've both now booked there cars in to have it done. I can't praise the Terraclean treatment enough & also Xavier Auto Clinic who explained every part of the process to me & even let me stand there watching them as they did there stuff. Top job everyoneure

    Andy - Surrey
  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8

    Hello all at Terraclean, I've just had my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8 Terracleaned at T.J. Services in Fleet Hampshire, who were very helpful and enthusiastic for the terraclean service. I, probably like a lot of people was a little sceptical but what a difference. The car has done 85000 miles and only doing about 16 MPG its now doing approx 18.5 MPG and even better approx 22 MPG on a run. I think it woul do more but i was getting a bit enthusiastic with it, Its more responsive and doing approx 300 rpm less than it was at 70 MPH I'm really pleased and will have this done yearly

    Paul - Hampshire

  • I've had my Audi TT 3.2 litre TerraCleaned and I can't believe the difference it has made to the performance. Throttle response is much more crisp and less sluggish and the engine overall feels alot smoother and quieter. I'm not sure about the improvement in mpg but it is early days yet(only had it done two weeks ago!). Thank you for the excellent work carried on my car. You come highly recommended.

    Customer of Salisbury Garage - Hull
  • BMW M6

    Hi guys just thought I'd bring you up to date with the outcome of having the TerraClean system carried out on my BMW M6. To start with the reason I was looking to have this done was I'd been advised by BMW in Germany that both my cats needed replacing as I kept getting an engine management light appearing with faults on lamba sensors banks 1 & 2! Charndlers BMW in Hailsham, East Sussex advised me that this would cost approximately £4700.00 + labour + vat!!! Anyway as I had nothing to loose I decided to try out TerraClean to see if it would clean out the cats & solve the problem. I had the work carried out at Godfry Tyres at Crowborough, East Sussex. I drop the car off to them 1st thing in the morning and arranged to collect the car at the end of the day. I received a call around lunch time to say the car was all ready, they'd had to make up an adaptor for my car as being a 5lt V10 there was too much to remove to gain access to the fuel rail so they connected to the fuel line underneath the car, was charged £90.00 + vat which I thought was cheap considering it wasn't straight forward. Anyway since having it done I can honestly say the car is running perfect and so far the light hasn't reappeared. I called in at Charndlers BMW Hailsham on the way home and got Darren there top tech guy to plug the M6 in to check all the diagnostics etc and as he knows the car inside out his first words where" It's deffinately running better!" Anyway you guys have saved me £££££ so can't thank you enough and if anyone has any doubts as to weather TerraClean works, I can assure you it dose exactly what they said it can do! :0) Shall keep you posted once I've taken the M6 on a good run to see what she's like after a good blast! :0)))

    Billy - Facebook Comment
  • Toyota Celica 190

    Well I took the challenge yesterday on my car. Having seen on wheeler Dealers the emissions results on a large engine i was interested and when i saw that here in Wakefield, Car Makeover was doing the Terraclean i decided to give it a go. Now i use pour in treatments and i only use high octane fuel so i was a little sceptical about what results i would get.

    Details: 2001 Toyota Celica 190 vvtli 85000 miles Dealer. Car Makeover, Wakefield Time and quality. Around 45 minutes including free refreshments and getting to see the job done. Results. I would describe the results as very good. The car is not faster, it just feels younger, more eager. Id liken it to sharpening a pencil, its the same but a fitter stronger version. I expect a 3-4 mpg increase to restore it to the upper end of the mfr range from the lower end. GREAT PRODUCT. It gives the result you hope for every time you pour in some kind of cleaner

    Craig - FaceBook Comment
  • Landrover Disco 3 "55" plate

    I have just had my Disco 3 cleaned by the guys at Xavier garage in Hammersmith. Firstly I have to say how impressed I was by the cleanliness of their premises and the friendliness of all the staff and management. Terraclean has had an instant impact on my car with it running quieter and with more power. It feels like new and therefore to me worth the £110.

    This is a wonderful product and I would recommend it to my friends. I would also highly recommend Xavier garage to anyone in the London and surrounding area for Terraclean as they explain everything upfront and clearly with no hidden extras. Excellent Product.

    Stephen - Surrey
  • Mondeo ST220

    My 7 year old Mondeo ST220 was averaging 20.4 MPG and I was considering selling it due to the fuel costs. Having seen the wheelers dealers episode where they used your system, I thought I would have one last attempt at improving the economy before going ahead and selling what is otherwise a superb car. The Gosport mechanic who worked on my car was both friendly and efficient, and the result is I am now averaging between 28 to 30 MPG around town, which is an amazing increase. Also the engine is running smoother and has more oomph as well. It also seems to have solved a throttle hang problem I was having.Thanks Ed for showing this product, without which I would probably have swapped my car in for a more inferior car.

  • BMW E36 325i

    TerraClean came down to work at Hampshire tints in Eastleigh Hampshire. My BMW E36 325I has about 190.000 ish miles and had the terraclean done and wow i have to say this works. Ii was getting about 130miles to About £40 and now im getting 176 miles to the £40. Tthe power is unreal and the sports mode is so much quicker and picks up loads better big smiles all the way to the next garage.

    All very smooth and just makes the engine sound like new better and just enjoy the sound of the straight six engine now stereo is now off all the time. Ii would say get this done it saven me loads of money on fuel and well worth the money. You have to have it done to understand... thanks to Terraclean for a top job

    Paul - FaceBook Comment
  • TerraClean got me through my MOT

    After taking my wife's car for it's mot we were disappointed to find that it failed on emissions !! I got talking to Graeme at Terraclean Blyth and he thought that a Terraclean treatment would help considerably in reducing the emissions.

    Now I must admit that I am always a little sceptical when these new wonder products come out but I trusted his judgement and booked the car for a treatment. A couple of hours later and my car was delivered back to me with a fresh mot in hand. It had passed with dramatic results!! Where the car had failed the Co2 test by a considerable margin it was now well below the limit.

    Graeme said to drive the car to see if it 'felt' any different and it was immediately apparent how smooth it felt compared to earlier..

    Anyone who is considering trying the Terraclean treatment but is a little unsure of the benefits rest assured that it is well worth it and I would not hesitate to recommend Terraclean Blyth if you are in this area. Thanks Graeme, saved me a nightmare trying to get through the mot, don't think it would have been possible without Terraclean.

    Ian - Blyth
  • BMW X5 3.0D

    Having just had the Terraclean process completed, by TJ Services in Church Crookham, on my 112,000 mile X5 I had to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with the results. Only a day after having the work done, I have noticed an average increase of 6mpg on my normal 100 mile commute, the car is much more responsive and it smokes a little less on first start in the morning. It genuinely feels like it has had 60k knocked off the clock! TJ Services did a fantastic job of explaining the process, talking me through the various stages and even stuck the kettle on whilst we waited!

    Tim - Fleet, Hampshire
  • BMW X5 4.4 V8

    Wanted to Say huge thanks to all the Staff at Swale MOT centre, I arrived a tad early and was instantly greeted by Rachel in the reception area and offered a coffee (Columbian no less) it wasn't long before they had the car hooked up and were carrying out the pre emissions tests. Once done they set about getting the terraclean system hooked up, no easy feat on an X5 with armour under plating at every turn but this didn't phase them and before long the X5 was gulping in the terraclean magic formula. Rachel and other members of staff made me feel comfortable and before i knew it the X5 was parked up and having its pre terraclean emissions checked, the result's were that my car was fairly clean to begin with(probably down to it demanding the higher end fuel v plus, excellium etc) but still showed marked improvements in its emissions. Would the drive home be any different?....i am the worlds biggest sceptic and critic but this had me....I could actually feel a difference, the pick up under acceleration was sharper, the engine was smoother and the fuel consumption indicator had dropped by 1mpg already. I can see how this system would even greater benefit lower range cars that don't demand the higher fuel quality's with better detergents etc. If like me your sceptical about this then really ...try it ....you can't have an opinion until you do. And if you can use Swale MOT centre Sittingbourne....great value for money and a great team.

    Happy - Walderslade
  • Subaru Legacy 2.5

    10/04/13 had my Subaru legacy 2.5 petrol Terracleaned @ milesahead motors on the 406/north circular rd. A quieter Engine. So far a more responsive throttle! A 20% gain in MPG! Total gain on a whole tank of Unleaded 66.65miles! Totally blown away by how much difference Terraclean has made. Will certainly be terracleaning my wife's car!.

    Dan - Palmers Green
  • Citroen C5 1.6 HDI

    I recently had my Citroen C5 1.6 HDI 2009 terra cleaned all I can say is 'what a difference' absolutely a must . My car is now a lot smoother and better on fuel I noticed a difference immediately it's worth every penny I'd recommend it to anyone. I will also get it done now with every MOT fantastic.

    Mick - Satisfied Customer
  • Car Pulling Better

    I have driven about about 100 miles since having the terraclean done. I have found that it has made quite a big difference the car is a lot quieter and a lot smother and has got rid of a flat spot that was present at low rpm and there is no smoke on hard acceleration car now pulls a lot better in higher gears from low rpm.

    Anil - FaceBook Comment