Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning Service

DPF Blocked? DPF Warning Lights? Engine Management Light? Glow Plug Light? Loss of Power – Limp Mode?

You may have some or all of the above symptoms which may indicate an issue with you Diesel Particulate Filter.

We always recommend you taking the vehicle on the motorway at speeds of approx. 70 MPH to allow the DPF to regenerate. In many case's this will resolve your DPF problems. However if this is unsuccessful this will indicate that the DPF is completely blocked and therefore needs to be professionally cleaned.

We offer a guaranteed DPF Cleaning Service where we will use tried and tested methods to clean the soot and ash in the filter. Each of our technicians are specifically trained to carry out this service. We carefully inspect each filter before, during, and after the cleaning process. When we are finished processing the DPF we know the exact condition of the filter and have absolute confidence and knowledge of the level of recovery. Cleaning results are shared with the customer and can be compared with historical recovery levels for the filter.

Our Promise: In the unlikely event we are unable to clean the DPF, you will not be charged.

As well as offering a DPF Cleaning Service we also offer a DPF Removal Service, please call us on 0161 883 0622 to discuss your requirements.

DPF Cleaning Service 1

Bring your filter to us already removed from the vehicle. Do not remove the filter from its metal casing however all sensors and non-metallic parts must be removed.

Once we have professionally cleaned the DPF, it will be returned with a certificate to guarantee it is clean, showing flow rates before and after the cleaning process.

Please Note: Once you have fitted the DPF back to the vehicle all warning lights, fault codes and most importantly the DPF ash and soot counters will need to be reset by a trained technician using dealer level diagnostics.

Price: £185

DPF Cleaning Service 2

Bring your vehicle to us and we will take care of everything.

We will remove the DPF from the vehicle, professionally clean it and put it back on. We will also carry out the necessary procedure to delete and reset all warning lights and fault codes related to the DPF. We will also reset the DPF ash and soot counters. Your vehicle will be returned to you with a certificate to guarantee it is clean, showing flow rates before and after the cleaning process. This can be carried out on a Same Day Service.

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